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Welcome to my little site about smart moves & (dirty) tricks for making cool websites! The site structured around what I've learned when working with websites for various purposes. The content is focused on the practical aspects and designed for troubleshooting rather than educational purposes.


Michael Pilgaard

Where do you start?

- Okay, so I want to make a website! Where do I start?

- General rules for designing websites

- Navigation panes for websites

- The first page. Naming and the initial incantations to make it all work

- Tags, the elements that makes the page work

- Meta tags, background elements that helps make the page work

- Attributes, how to get something other than standard setting on your tags

- Header-, footer- and navigation-tags

- New HTML 5-tags in old browsers

- Optimizing web sites for search engines (SEO and SERP)

Typographical elements for the page

- Fields for input and output

- Buttons (animated) using CSS3

- Buttons using HTML tags

- Horizontal lines

- Line breaks

- Links

- NoScript

- Radio buttons

- Tables

- Text sections

Graphical elements for the page

- Animations and slide shows

- Backgrounds; colors and color effects

- Backgrounds; images and image effects

- Borders and frames

- Cursors and how to change them

- Google Maps and geolocation

- Graphics using CANVAS

- Graphics using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

- Images on websites

- Pages and elements using OBJECT, EMBED and IFRAME

- Popup boxes using alert(), confirm() and prompt()

- Popup boxes of the modal box/modal image type

- Show and hide sections using click or mouse over

- Transparency/opacity on elements

- Video

Formatting of letters, numbers and other characters

- Blinking text

- Font type and font size for text

- Text in uppercase, lowercase, etc.

- Text colors

- Text in bold

- Text in italics

- Superscript

- Subscript

- Vertical and angled text

- Overlined text

- Strikethrough/line through on text

- Underlined text

- Shadows and neon effects

- Special characters

- Math formulas

Formatting of text sections

- Text alignment

- Indent and margins on text

- Line height on text

- Spacing between words in a text

- Spacing between characters in a text

- Rolling and floating text

- Lists

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

- What is Cascading Style Sheets?

- Creating a Cascading Style Sheet

- Selectors for CSS

- Placing elements using float, position and display

- Adaptive design and media queries

- Adaptive design using grid

· Part 1: Columns, rows, cells and items

· Part 2: Placing of elements

· Part 3: Placing of items

- Adaptive design using flexbox

- Flexible object sizes by using resize

- New HTML 5-tags in old browsers

JavaScript for websites

- Internal and external scripts

- Reading, calculating and writing to fields

- How to do

· Text and HTML code using document.write()

· Popup boxes using alert(), confirm() and prompt()

· Random selections from lists

· How to highlight selected values on checkboxes and radiobuttons

· Google Maps and geolocation

XML databases and how to search in them

- What is XML and what can it be used for?

- How do you structure an XML database?

- How to get the browsers to find and read XML files

- Simple lists from XML databases

- Lists from XML databases from predefined keywords

- Searching in XML databases from search fields

A little background on the internet

- What exactly is the internet?

- What exactly is HTML?

- What exactly is HTTP/HTTPS?

- What exactly is URL?

- Emoticons and the art of expressing emotions in HTML

- Jokes on computers and programming

Websites using WordPress

- WordPress, what and why?

- Installing WordPress

- Themes for WordPress

- Plugins for WordPress

- Posting in WordPress

- CSS in WordPress


- Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

- Average, median, percentiles and modal values

- Cells, rows, columns and sheets

- Logarithm and exponential functions

- Numeric/absolute values

- Randomization

- Standard deviations and confidence intervals

- Summation

Assorted lists

- Country codes for internet domains

- Language codes for web sites

- Named colors and color codes

- Special characters: Arrows

- Special characters: Chess symbols

- Special characters: Czech, Slovak and Slovenian characters

- Special characters: Greek and Coptic characters

- Special characters: Hearts

- Special characters: Latin letters and numbers

- Special characters: Math symbols

- Special characters: Planet symbols

- Special characters: Religious and spiritual symbols

- Special characters: Romanian characters

- Special characters: Runes

- Special characters: Stars

- Special characters: Typographical symbols

- Special characters: Zodiac symbols

Pilgaard Legacy

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