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Welcome to my little site about smart moves & (dirty) tricks for making cool websites! The site is still in an early state of development and meant to be something I'm working on as I have to solve a problem or otherwise feel inspired to get something written... and I get around to translate them from Danish.


Michael Pilgaard

Where do you start?

- Okay, so I want to make a website! Where do I start?
- General rules for designing websites
- Navigation panes for websites
- The first page. Naming and the initial incantations to make it all work
- Tags, the elements that makes the page work
- Meta tags, background elements that helps make the page work
- Attributes, how to get something other than standard setting on your tags
- Header-, footer- and navigation-tags
- New HTML 5-tags in old browsers
- Optimizing web sites for search engines (SEO and SERP)

Typographical elements for the page

- Fields for input and output
- Buttons (animated) using CSS3
- Buttons using HTML tags
- Horizontal lines
- Line breaks
- Links
- NoScript
- Radio buttons
- Tables
- Text sections

Graphical elements for the page

- Animations and slide shows
- Backgrounds; colors and color effects
- Backgrounds; images and image effects
- Borders and frames
- Cursors and how to change them
- Graphics using CANVAS
- Graphics using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)
- Images
- Pages and elements using OBJECT, EMBED and IFRAME
- Popup boxes using alert(), confirm() and prompt()
- Popup boxes of the modal box/modal image type
- Show and hide parts of the page with ONCLICK
- Transparency/opacity on elements
- Video

Formatting of letters, numbers and other characters

- Blinking text
- Font type and font size for text
- Text in uppercase, lowercase, etc.
- Text colors
- Text in bold
- Text in italics
- Superscript
- Subscript
- Vertical and angled text
- Overlined text
- Strikethrough/line through on text
- Underlined text
- Shadows and neon effects
- Special characters
- Math formulas

Formatting of text sections

- Text alignment
- Indent and margins on text
- Line height on text
- Spacing between words in a text
- Spacing between characters in a text
- Rolling and floating text
- Lists

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

- What is Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?
- Creating a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
- Adaptive design and media queries (CSS)
- New HTML 5-tags in old browsers

JavaScript for websites

- Internal and external scripts
- Reading, calculating and writing to fields
- How to do
· Text and HTML code using document.write()
· Popup boxes using alert(), confirm() and prompt()
· Random selections from lists
· How to highlight selected values on checkboxes and radiobuttons

XML databases and how to search in them

- What is XML and what can it be used for?
- How do you structure an XML database?
- How to get the browsers to find and read XML files
- Simple lists from XML databases
- Lists from XML databases from predefined keywords
- Searching in XML databases from search fields

A little background on the internet

- What exactly is the internet?
- What exactly is HTML?
- What exactly is HTTP/HTTPS?
- What exactly is URL?
- Emoticons and the art of expressing emotions in HTML
- Jokes on computers and programming


- Cells, rows, columns and sheets
- Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
- Summation
- Average, median, percentiles and modal values
- Standard deviations and confidence intervals
- Logarithm and exponential functions
- Randomization

Assorted lists

- Country codes for internet domains
- Language codes for web sites
- Named colors and color codes
- Special characters: Hearts
- Special characters: Math symbols
- Special characters: Romanian characters
- Special characters: Arrows
- Special characters: Planet symbols
- Special characters: Religious and spiritual symbols
- Special characters: Runes
- Special characters: Chess symbols
- Special characters: Stars
- Special characters: Zodiac symbols
- Special characters: Czech, Slovak and Slovenian characters

Pilgaard Legacy

Pilgaard LegacyThis site has been made available as a part of the project Pilgaard Legacy. Click here to read more.