Special characters in HTML

What is the problem?

One of the challenges in writing in HTML is that special characters can be difficult to get displayed right.

A classic on many pages, is when the file format and CHARSET are not in compliance, e.g. the Danish ø looking something like this: ■ or �, depending on the browser. If you choose both file format and CHARSET to be UFT-8, the problem is quite rare, but it is said, that it can still occur.

Another classic, is finding the special character on the keyboard. The approx. 100 keys on the keyboard, depending on the keyboard type, automatically limits the number of special characters at hand. So, where exactly do you find the lowercase c with cedille (ç) that they love using in French, when you are sitting at a Danish keyboard?

That's why you have character tables, and that's why you have character codes!

You have three different types of code:

Usually the character list are presented in tables like this, as it makes it easy read and search for whatever you need:

Character HTML code Numerical Code Hex code Description
‰ ‰ ‰ Permille

All characters have a hex code, and in principle they can be used for everything. It is just messy and ureadable using only code, when you are working with your text. The choice between codes or not codes is a matter of personal preferences. It is always easier to use the characters without code. If you need codes, the HTML codes are the easiest to use, as you can often read what character it is, e.g. ‰ for the ‰ character instead of ‰. Not all characters have an HTML code. With these you have to use the other options.

I have collected and sorted a number of more or less useful special characters, for those who may need them.

Character tables available on this site

- Arrows
- Chess symbols
- Czech, Slovak and Slovenian special characters
- Hearts
- Math symbols
- Planet symbols
- Religious and spiritual symbols
- Romanian special characters
- Runes
- Stars
- Zodiac