NoScript when JavaScript is disabled

What is it?

NOSCRIPT is a tag detecting whether JavaScript has been enabled or not, on the browser being used. The only thing the tag can do, is to show what you wrote in the tag, if JavaScript is disabled. Many sites use JavaScript today, for a number of functionalities, e.g. drop-down menus, so writing a message to the user e.g. that they need to enable JavaScript for the page to work properly, would be a considered a pleasant and helpful service.

How is it used?

NOSCRIPT works like a standard tag, with a start and an end. You can place whatever you want between start and end tag. For the most part, writing only a short text is the smartest thing to do, possibly with a picture, in a typography which is easy to spot. It might be something like:

<NOSCRIPT STYLE="font-size:16.0pt; color:red; font-weight:bold"><IMG SRC="Graphics/ComputerWork.gif" STYLE="float:right">This page requires JavaScript to be enabled to work properly.</NOSCRIPT>

If JavaScript is disabled, the result looks like this:

This page requires JavaScript to be enabled to work properly.

If JavaScript is enabled, the content is left out, so it is not going to give you a blank area on the page (i.e. a white-out) where the content of the NOSCRIPT was supposed to be.